There was immediate criticism of the 50 cent extra on packets of cigarettes in Budget 2016 from the National Federation of Retail Newsagents  and tobacco companies, with John Player Ireland calling the move a “bonanza for bootleggers”. File photograph: PA Photo

The cost of a pack of cigarettes has risen above €10 for the first time following Tuesday’s budget announcements. The duty on a pack of 20 cigarettes(...)

The tobacco industry in Ireland has increased its lobbying activity not just on the issue of cigarette smuggling but also in response to plans by the EU and national governments to tighten controls on tobacco products.

At least five former Fine Gael aides are working as public relations advisers to the tobacco industry in Ireland, Britain and Brussels. The ind(...)

Some 5,000 discarded cigarette packets were collected from streets and easy access bins of 22 towns. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Tallaght and Drogheda have highest levels of “illicit” cigarette consumption at almost a third, according to the results of a nationwide survey rel(...)