A large number of complaints focused on schools. Photograph: Getty Images

Education continues to be the most complained about issue for children according to the Ombudsman for Children’s latest annual report. The Ombudsman (...)

The Department of Education is entitled by law to compel schools to create special classes for autism.

In early July, Nicola Scott wrote about trying to homeschool during the school closures. Her non-verbal seven-year-old son, Patrick, has severe autism(...)

Campaigners have expressed frustration that primary schools in affluent parts of south Dublin are resisting attempts to set up special classes for chi(...)

Inspectors found evidence of restrictive enrolment practices where schools prioritise places in special classes for higher-functioning students at the expense of those with more complex needs. Photograph: iStock

The reluctance of many mainstream schools to open special classes for children with autism risks creating a “segregated” education system, according t(...)

The High Court was told the boy has been diagnosed as having several physical and mental conditions leading to behavioural difficulties. File Photograph: Collins Courts

A teenager with special needs has brought High Court challenges over a decision upholding his expulsion from the secondary school he had been attendin(...)

The Government is to shelve controversial plans to change the way special needs assistants (SNAs) are allocated to support tens of thousands of vulnerable schoolchildren. Photograph: iStock

The Government has shelved controversial plans to change the way special needs assistants (SNAs) are allocated to support tens of thousands of vu(...)

Lily Stevens (14) from Ballyvolane, Cork, is 14 loves Harry Potter. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Fourteen-year-old Lily Stevens may be from Cork – but she belongs to Gryffindor House. Like many other teenagers, Lily loves Harry Potter. She has rea(...)

The provision of SNAs to schools will be made by the Department of Education and its agencies using a formula based on how many special education teachers are based in individual schools. Photograph: Getty Images

What do the planned changes mean for parents and children? Last December the government approved changes which will reform the way 10,000-plus speci(...)

New laws around admission to schools will ensure greater transparency, equity and consistency in school enrolment generally. Photograph: iStock

So, why the shake-up in school admissions laws? There have been long-standing concerns over how difficult it can be for some sections of the communit(...)

Total inclusion should mean that  every child having their unique needs met based on individual need, says Adam Harris. Photograph: iStock

Inclusive education can be life changing. It certainly was for me. Just before my eighth birthday I moved from the special school environment I attend(...)

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