British ministers have warned that 7,000 trucks could be held in queues if traders are not ready for Brexit.  Photograph: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Northern Ireland will not be ready to conduct checks on certain goods moving between it and Britain from January as required by the Brexit divorce dea(...)

Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond: said the EU should also outline what kind of relationship it wants with Britain after Brexit. ‘It takes two to tango.’ Photograph: Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg

Theresa May will meet the leaders of major financial firms on Thursday as Britain steps up its efforts to persuade the European Union to include finan(...)

 Theresa May:  she  and other Brexiteers keep insisting that things are proceeding smoothly when clearly they are not.  Photograph: PA Wire

The evidence continues to pile up: the UK government is woefully underprepared for Brexit, and remains in denial about what is now required. Theresa (...)

The unit examines the tax affairs of 6,500 of the very wealthiest people in the UK, with assets of more than £20m

One in three of the richest people in Britain is under investigation by HM Revenue & Customs over nearly £2 billion (€2.2bn)of potentially underpa(...)