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A matter of taste: prawn-head smoothies in a Domestic Godless installation

Ten years ago, when Radisson launched a new hotel on Golden Lane in Dublin, the centrepiece of the opening was the opportunity to go “sky dining”. Str(...)

Product designer Paul Fitzgerald works for Oase Outdoors in Denmark and lives in Aarhus with his wife Maria and two daughters

“I took old habits with me when I came here and found myself working late in the office but it is not something which is necessarily rewarded. The att(...)

RDS Visual Arts Awards finalists: Dr Nadia Kelbova by Justyna Kielbowicz.

Making it in the art world is a mixture of talent, ambition, grit and very good luck; and you need a hell of a lot of all four. The brutal fact is, of(...)

When it comes to houses along the Irish coastline, it’s easy to trot out clichés along the lines of inspirational views, but in the case of Brett M(...)

Victoria Rothschild with business partner Mark Bickers

Hand-blown glass lighting is a speciality of the glass company co-owned by Vicki Rothschild from Killiney in Dublin.Rothschild & Bickers, based in(...)

Work by Trish Carroll in the NCAD fashion show at St Catherine’s Church, Thomas Street yesterday. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

New Irish talent and directions in fashion were on display yesterday at the annual NCAD graduate fashion show held in the historic St Catherine’s Ch(...)