A diet rich in fruit and veg, olive oil and fish boosts bacteria in the gut linked to healthy ageing and reduces bacteria linked to inflammation, experts from five countries said. Photograph: PA/PA Wire

As the global population is projected to live longer, we need to find ways of helping people live healthier into old age. Exercise and diet are the be(...)

Dr Fiachra Long, head of UCC’s school of education, poses to take a selfie in Cork city in front of a backdrop, which gives the impression he is in the Caribbean, as he discusses nanotechnology. Photograph: Clare Keogh

University College Cork has successfully launched a social media campaign aimed at presenting complex ideas and research in a straightforward way to a(...)

Lucy Prendeville of Tullamore, Co Offaly, who got eight A1s in the Leaving Cert in 2015. Photograph: James Flynn/APX

Chemists are running low on Rescue Remedy and Dioralyte, and social media is full of people humblebragging about how well they did at life, despite fa(...)

Healthy balance: Our gut flora, with its tens of trillions of micro-organisms, is the final interior, if not frontier, given the new links to many aspects of health. Photograph: Getty

Space may be the final frontier but back on Earth the human body is still yielding up secrets, some of which may help us to get more balance into our (...)

Obesity increases the risk of development of several clinical conditions such as diabetes and cancer. Photograph:  Pozarik/Getty Images

Research into the impact of whey on people’s diets could play a major role in the battle against the global obesity epidemic. The research team, led b(...)

Dr Barbara Murphy, Head of Equine Science, UCD

Innovation is the lifeblood of science, but it doesn’t come cheap. Solid research and development costs money, but the economic and social returns on (...)

One in every 10 people suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. File photograph: Getty Images

Scientists may soon be able to alleviate the pain experienced by thousands of sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome – by controlling the bacteria in t(...)

There is much interest in deciphering the exact mechanisms by which the microbiota influences health and wellbeing

You are not alone. The average person carries inside their gut a full ecosystem composed of one hundred trillion (one followed by fourteen zeros) micr(...)

 Director general of Science Foundation Ireland Prof Mark Ferguson. The SFI this month granted approval for eight new research centres.  Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography

The third-level funding crisis has forced the sector to look elsewhere for funding opportunities. One of the biggest developments in recent years has(...)

Studies carried out with mice show their gut bacteria trigger fear via a region of the brain known as the amygdala – and it is believed this may also happen in humans. Photograph: Istock

  We may soon be able to control fear by manipulating the mix of bacteria in our gut, new research suggests. It raises the possibility of succes(...)

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