Privacy activist Max Schrems: due in Dublin.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Monday Indicators: Euro zone manufacturing, services and composite PMI flash (Sep); UK industrial trends orders (Sep); German manufacturing, service(...)

An iFlyTek robot that uses artificial intelligence, in Beijing. The answer to the question of whether AI will help or hurt workers depends on your timeframe and your socio-economic class.  Photograph: Giulia Marchi/The New York Times

Two of the most polarising words in the English language at the moment (aside from “Donald Trump”) must be “artificial intelligence”. Last week, Big T(...)

Much of the change currently happening in the modern workplace is being driven less by millennials than it is by their parents, or even their grandparents

A recent report published by the McKinsey Global Institute assessing the impact of automation on future employment trends made for startling bedtime r(...)

Some 44 per cent of companies that reduced their number of employees since the global financial crash in 2008 did so by means of automation. Photograph: Getty Images

Beware of the robots – they are on the rise and could be after your job. It might sounds like something from an outlandish sci-fi movie, but the figur(...)

Bullish or bearish? US and European equity markets have enjoyed stellar returns over the last 30 years, with both markets delivering annualised real returns of 7.9 per cent which is well above historical norms

Long-term investors could be forgiven for thinking that they’ve endured more than their fair share of suffering, having lived through two particularly(...)

“People can think it’s scary and that robots are going to be taking over their jobs, but it needn’t be like that,” says KPMG head of innovation Niall Campbell

The first signs of revolution can come from the most unlikely and the most seemingly modest sources. After all, a relatively minor colonial dispute ab(...)

Beijing and economic policy: Observers are calling upon the authorities to be more transparent. Photograph: Reuters

China’s policymakers have a stellar reputation for the quality of economic management but the same was true of Japan’s three decades ago. For the Japa(...)

‘Governments don’t feel compelled to invest in a problem over which there is considerable apathy.’ Photograph: Getty Images

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the cost of obesity to the UK National Health Service problem equals the combined costs of the entire poli(...)

Summoning the demon: while Elon Musk’s phrase is evocative, there are benefits to job creation from technology. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

There is no shortage of angst about the relentless advance of digital technology and what it means for the workforce, if not humanity. Dire warnings h(...)

Richard Dobbs, a director of the McKinsey Global Institute and co-author of No Ordinary Disruption.

Disruption of traditional models of business and a shift of global power eastwards have been the themes of many a business book and management confere(...)

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