Undated picture of Ian Paisley.

For more than three decades, the Democratic Unionist Party, now poised to be Theresa May’s “little helper” in government was a party of protest for ma(...)

Ian Paisley lived up to the many different characterisations of his personality. Photograph: The Irish Times

The death of Ian Paisley marks the end of an era. Here was a Big Man with big boots. Descriptions and characterisations vary greatly: the most divisiv(...)

 Former First Minister   and Democratic Unionist leader Ian Paisley:  said if one of his family had become romantically involved with a Catholic: “I wouldn’t have liked it but we [he and his wife Eileen] would lump it.”   Photograph: BBC NI/PA

The Rev Ian Paisley told Tony Blair he was a “fool” when the former British prime minister told him in 2007 he was about to convert to Catholicism. T(...)

 Eamonn Mallie with Ian Paisley and his wife Eileen Paisley. Dr Paisley (now Lord Bannside) disclosed how neither he nor his family attend the Free Presbyterian Church anymore.

The Rev Ian Paisley has spoken of his deep hurt at how he felt forced out as moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church which he founded in Northern Ir(...)