Ahmad Muselmani: ‘That was my purpose, to bring my family here. I want my younger sisters to have a new life.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

When Ahmad Muselmani decided to leave Syria in 2015 his parents pleaded with him not to go. They knew how dangerous life was for a young man in Aleppo(...)

People board in a bus to leave the Idomeni refugee camp on the Greek-Macedonia border on Tuesday. Photograph: Sakis Mitrolidis/AFP/Getty Images

Greek authorities have begun an operation to evacuate the country’s largest informal refugee camp of Idomeni. The operation began at dawn on Tuesda(...)

Migrants sleep near the entrance to a “transit zone” on the Hungary-Serbia border. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

Amin Sharifi had spent 15 days in a “transit zone” on Hungary’s southern border before the country rejected his asylum request. He had been sent back (...)

It was a beautiful, calm morning when I met my team at 9am last Sunday near the Idomeni refugee camp, close to the Greece-Macedonia border. Our plan w(...)

Migrants in a makeshift camp near the village of Idomeni, Greece, near the Macedonian border. Photograph: Ognen Teofilovski/Reuters

Macedonia has returned hundreds of migrants to Greece after they bypassed a security fence and waded through a swollen stream to cross the border, ami(...)

Macedonian police  firing  tear gas at people  trying to enter the country from Greece. Photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

The images of desperate people being sprayed with teargas, which flashed across TV screens this week, are scenes many Europeans thought they would nev(...)

Refugees and migrants try to bring down part of the border fence during a protest at the Greek-Macedonian border, near the Greek village of Idomeni, on February 29th, 2016. Photograph: Alexandros Avramidis/Reuters

Police have fired tear gas and stun grenades after a few hundred migrants angry at long delays in entering Macedonia broke a gate on the border with (...)

We spoke to Syrians who have made their way to Berlin about their journeys and the future

Ehsan (21) Ehsan worked with various humanitarian relief organisations in Aleppo before joining the Syrian opposition as an assistant surgeon an(...)

A migrant reacts as he carries a child during clashes with Macedonian police at the Greek-Macedonian border. Photograph: Alexandros Avramidis/Reuters

Macedonian police drove back crowds of migrants and refugees trying to enter from Greece on Friday after a night spent stranded in no-man’s land by an(...)

Macedonia’s prime minister Nikola Gruevski (centre) attend a rally in support  the government in Skopje in May. Macedonia is to have early parliamentary elections next year. Photograph: Georgi Licovski/EPA

As Macedonian police launched raids this week against what it said were suspected Islamist radicals, many in the crisis-ridden Balkan state thought ba(...)