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It has been clear for some time that a significant majority wishes to see abortion legalised to provide limited access in specific hard cases. That et(...)

When the new citizens assembly convenes later this month to discuss the Eighth Amendment, today’s Irish Times Ipsos/MRBI poll suggests, a three quarte(...)

‘Prospera omnes sibi indicant,” Tacitus wrote, “aduersa uni imputantur”. Which roughly translates as the adage that “Success has many fathers...” And (...)

When pollsters ask voters about their top priority for any Government tax or spending largesse available in the forthcoming budget, are they really go(...)

The Irish Times has carried out a sex survey, asking readers to share what is going on behind closed bedroom doors. This hasn’t been a prurient exerci(...)

Once again our citizens are showing our timorous political class the way forward. Although there are opponents of abortion who have long been clamouri(...)

Asked how they plan to vote in the referendum on same-sex marraige, 67 per cent of people said they would vote Yes. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Support for same-sex marriage has increased over the past 18 months as debate on the issu(...)