Franz Beckenbauer of New York Cosmos in 1978: When Ross saw the famous German international   playing at the back on his debut, he phoned down to the dug-out with the immortal advice: “Get the Kraut into midfield! We’re not paying him all that money to play deefence!”    Photograph: Tony Duffy/Allsport

At one point in Pele’s final season with the New York Cosmos in 1977, the club announced that it was already planning for the future, dispatching Dave(...)

Emmet Malone: “At the end, in front of the 14-year-olds he is supposed to be teaching about respect and sportsmanship, the manager tells me I am “a disgrace”. I leave feeling precisely the same way about him.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

It is 11.50 on a Saturday morning and I’m wondering, once again, why I am doing this. I have just refereed my second schoolboy game of the morning an(...)