This week offered a glimpse of an alternative scenario to a harmonious arrangement: one of rivalry and mutual suspicion, constant bickering and petty one-upmanship.

European leaders speak of “this post-Brexit world” in which we’re living. British prime minister Boris Johnson crows that he “got Brexit done”. Little(...)

Multiple groups have sprung up online to support people experiencing unusually long recovery from ‘mild’ or ‘moderate’ Covid-19 and many of their members report being continually dismissed by health professionals. Photograph: iStock

On St Patrick’s Day 2020, after a weekend on call, Linn Järte, an outdoorsy, 33-year-old doctor, developed flu-like symptoms. After two weeks in bed s(...)

What causes post-Covid fatigue?

Not surprisingly, most of the focus during the Covid-19 pandemic has been on the daily number of new infections, deaths and on those needing admission(...)

Even if the situation seems increasingly dire and our anxiety is mounting, it’s important to tell ourselves the outbreak will inevitably pass.

The ease with which we now use words such as quarantine and isolation is remarkable. Quarantine has an ancient ring to it. First used in Venice, Ital(...)

Makeshift memorial for the victims of the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas: law enforcement doesn’t necessarily wish to have platforms or social media sites excluding all offensive content or users. Photograph: Larry W Smith

US authorities announced that the suspect in last weekend’s mass shooting in El Paso was believed to have posted a white supremacist diatribe to 8chan(...)

Brexit endgame: Jeremy Corbyn is backing a second referendum in part to stop more MPs leaving the UK Labour Party. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty

When Labour MPs walked through the division lobby at Westminster shortly after 7pm on Wednesday, they knew defeat was certain. But for many of the par(...)

Co Tipperary sisters Heather and Gemma Gordon after completing the Atacama Crossing, one of the world’s toughest endurance races, in which competitors battle against brutal desert climate at altitudes that average 8,000ft

The Atacama Crossing is a gruelling week-long, 250km race over the driest place on Earth. Known as one of the world’s toughest endurance races, compet(...)

Turing was a visionary mathematician  who broke the Nazis’ second world war Enigma code

A lost collection of nearly 150 letters from the codebreaker Alan Turing has been uncovered in an old filing cabinet at the University of Manchester. (...)

John Murray and Simon Jackson of Modern Botany, at home in west Cork. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Dr Simon Jackson picks out little details in the buildings as he walks to the pharmacy department in Trinity College Dublin. “Those circular patterns (...)

 A visitor uses his laptop in the chill out zone during  the Re:publica  digital conference in Berlin.

The internet has been blamed as a major tool for radicalising terrorists. But most jihadists are not radicalised through connections they form with ot(...)

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