An estimated  12,000 fighters from 74 nations have traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight with extremist groups. In this file photograph a member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa. Photograph: Reuters

The UN Security Council plans to demand countries “prevent and suppress” the recruitment and travel of foreign fighters to join extremist militant gro(...)

The WHO has recommended a ban on indoor smoking of e-cigarettes as part of tougher regulation of products dangerous to children. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A group of tobacco experts has criticised a World Health Organisation (WHO) report calling for more regulation on e-cigarettes, saying the evaluation (...)

Trinity College Dublin: as part of the Psychiatric Genomics  Consortium, it has found 108 locations in the genome associated with schizophrenia. Photograph: Frank Miller

An international scientific collaboration has found 108 locations in the human genome associated with schizophrenia. Trinity College Dublin was a sig(...)

Members of Iraqi security forces pose as they guard volunteers who have joined the Iraqi Army to fight against the predominantly Sunni militants, who have taken over Mosul and other Northern provinces, travelling in army trucks in Baghdad today. Sunni Islamist militants gained more ground in Iraq overnight, moving into two towns in the eastern province of Diyala. Photograph: Ahmed Saad/Reuters

Turmoil in Iraq has plunged the Middle East into its “most dangerous moment” since the 2003 invasion and threatens to push the country into civil war,(...)

In a sport such as rugby, different positions in a team showcase distinct excellences: the virtues of Brian O’Driscoll are not identical to those of Paul O’Connell. Photograph: Inpho

Thinking and sport have an uneasy relationship. Normal priorities and even moral codes often go out the window when athletes take to the playing fi(...)

Lung cancer is the major but not the only ill-effect of smoking cigarettes. Cancer Research UK cites smoking cigarettes as causing 83 per cent of lung(...)

In Britain, dementia is the most feared health condition among people aged over 55. Photo: iStock

Many governments are woefully unprepared for an epidemic of dementia currently affecting 44 million people worldwide and set to more than treble to 13(...)

A new blood test for pre-eclampsia, a severe pregnancy complication linked to high blood pressure, could save hundreds of babies’ lives a year, say re(...)

Junior doctors have voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action over their campaign to reduce “dangerously long” working hours. It is alleged in October 2012, Dr Ahmed failed to order chemotherapy treatment for a patient despite being reminded and requested to do so by the Chief Oncology Pharmacist at the hospital. Photograph: Hugh Macknight/PA Wire

A new bedside blood test for sepsis has the potential to save many thousands of lives, scientists have said. The life-threatening condition is caused (...)

It could be a decade before the research leads to a pill that could be taken by people with Alzheimer’s disease.

A new British study has raised the prospect of a pill that can treat brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s by halting the death of neurons.The research,(...)

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