It’s time for a debate on how we wish, as a society, to navigate our way out of this pandemic. Photograph: iStock

After basking in glorious sunshine and spending summer time outdoors, quite a few people are feeling fairly optimistic that the end of the Covid-19 pa(...)

What causes post-Covid fatigue?

Not surprisingly, most of the focus during the Covid-19 pandemic has been on the daily number of new infections, deaths and on those needing admission(...)

Many human infections with other viral pathogens, such as influenza virus, do not produce a durable immune response.

As the Covid-19 pandemic rolls inexorably onwards, many of us are trying to get some handle on the future shape of our lives. When can we experie(...)

Doctors here are far more likely to follow European guidelines, which means a BP threshold of 130/90 has almost certainly been applied to you. Photograph: iStock

Blood pressure was easier to explain when I started practising medicine. For years, the magic number was 140/90 and you could usually expect a nod of (...)

As many as 150,000 patients with a bottom blood pressure number of over 80, but a normal top blood pressure number below 130, are potentially at risk of being overtreated, according to research.

Up to 150,000 Irish blood pressure patients may not need additional drug treatment despite new guidelines suggesting they do, according to new resear(...)

Samuel Shem has said The House of God was based on his experiences as an intern at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston in 1973-1974.

Are there many books that continue to be sharply relevant some 40 years after publication? Not many I suspect. But one that manages to be, in the medi(...)

No need to take supplements if the content of your fridge looks like this

Any woman who has been pregnant will remember how much effort she put into eating a healthy diet. Many expectant mums also turn to prenatal supplement(...)

Studies show that excessive chocolate and fat intake did not alter the composition or output of pore-blocking sebum. Photograph: iStockphoto

If only my late mother had subscribed to the Journal of the American Medical Association. I forgive the old girl this lapse – there were few working-c(...)

Given the relationship between increased weight, and diabetes and heart disease, you would expect that a rising BMI would be associated with increasing mortality but that is not the case

“The road is long, With many a winding turn, That leads us to who knows where” The lyrics of the Hollies hit He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brot(...)

The results are in for the first trial of a “poop pill”, which represents a significant breakthrough in the science of faecal therapy. True, it wil(...)

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