Poverty has fallen off the radar for most voters and policy-makers in recent years. Photograph: iStock

We like to think of ourselves as a generous nation that is more sympathetic than most to the plight of those locked in poverty. But are we really? In(...)

Wagestream employees recently held a 		“funeral” for the payday loans industry following the demise of Wonga

Wagestream, a UK fintech start-up whose backers include tech titans Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, is launching its services in Ireland. The London-(...)

‘Priorities should  turn to engagement with users of the services (the proposed Working Group makes no mention of them) . . .’ Photograph: Getty Images

One of the great advances of the last century is that nearly all of us will live longer and with less disability than recent generations. A part of th(...)

Peace Wall in Belfast: household incomes, poverty rates and the job market in the North are all worse than in Britain Photograph: David Sleator

Northern Ireland has a higher poverty rate than the rest of Ireland, according to a new s(...)

Wisbech-born jobseeker Natasha Wright (20) was handing out her CV: “I do feel that it has made it more difficult for me to get a job ,” she says. Photograph: Philip Mynott

In the 17th century, the people of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire became known as “the Fen Tigers” because of their bitter opposition to the draining of th(...)

Damian McCabe, aged 22 years, from Co Meath. After 6 months sleeping rough, he has found housing with the help of the voluntary group, Hope for Havering. Photo: Joanne O’Brien

Each night, a group of up to 15 homeless men gather in Jubilee House, an evangelical church in Romford on the outskirts of London.Fed and watered, the(...)

Det Insp Kevin Hyland announced outside New Scotland Yard yesterday that the police had arrested two people who allegedly held three women as slaves in their London home for decades. A 69-year-old Malaysian woman, a 57-year-old Irish woman and a 30-year-old British woman were  rescued. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

On October 9th, ITV broadcast an episode of its documentary Exposure, which showed Muslim clerics in British mosques prepared to marry girls aged just(...)

Britain’s prime minister David Cameron (right) talks to Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Cyprus’s president Nicos Anastasiades during last week’s EU  summit in Brussels, at which agreement was reached on  new steps to fight youth unemployment. Photograph: Laurent Dubrule/Reuters

Social researchers already know British youth in search of work by an acronym: the precariat. It is a social class “formed by people suffering from pr(...)

Study finds that a majority of British teenagers want to be a footballers, like David Beckham, or models like Kate Moss. Few show any interest in traditional roles such as plumbing, welding or working in the hotel and catering trade.

Teenagers today, say grumpy old men sitting in the corner of pubs, all want to be models, actors or footballers. However, carefully gathered st(...)