Multilateral co-operation is needed  to ensure all countries are able to access the vaccine for Covid-19 , Antonio Vitorino the director general of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has  said. Photograph: John Thys / AFP via Getty Images

Multilateral co-operation is needed among world leaders to ensure all countries, regardless of economic wealth, are able to access the vaccine for Cov(...)

 Germany’s Constitutional Court launched a legal missile into the heart of the EU with its ruling on the legality of a European Central Bank emergency bond-buying scheme

The 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany was May 8. The 70th anniversary of the Schuman declaration, which launched postwar European integra(...)

In Italy, where Venice shopkeepers gathered on Monday to call for a reopening, the government has introduced a 30 per cent tax credit on advertising in certain media. Photograph: Marco Sabadin/AFP

With television ad breaks not overstaying their welcome at the moment, one particular commercial might be leaping out for some. “You know who I am? I’(...)

The Italian government, led by  prime minister Giuseppe Conte, has been adamant in demanding the EU agree to issue jointly guaranteed debt. Photograph: Palazzo Chigi press office/AFP via Getty Images

European Union leaders will meet over video conference on Thursday in a bid to bridge deep divisions over how to finance the response to the coronavir(...)

Even investors with ample faith in the ECB’s ability to keep spreads under control worry about a populist backlash inside Italy against the lack of solidarity shown so far by EU peers. Photograph: The New York Times

Rising borrowing costs for countries such as Italy show that the European Central Bank has a fight on its hands to prevent a new debt crisis, say anal(...)

Dutch finance minister Wopke Hoekstra in The Hague during a video conference with other EU finance ministers on what means should be used to absorb the economic blow of the coronavirus crisis. Photograph: Bart Maat/EPA

The negotiations over how to dig the European Union out of the coronavirus downturn have been weighed down by the baggage of the bloc’s last major cri(...)

A patient with Covid-19 wears a transparent plastic helmet filled with oxygen at a hospital in Bergamo, Italy. Photograph: Fabio Bucciarelli/The New York Times

Crucial medical supplies for Covid-19 patients in Ireland have been held back by a major supplier, citing restrictions on exports imposed by Italian a(...)

The sudden imposition of identity checks on Poland’s border with Germany caused a traffic jam of 60km along one of Europe’s major trade arteries.  Photograph: Rolf Schulten/Bloomberg

The coronavirus pandemic may be the greatest challenge the EU has ever faced. For now the virus has suspended the bloc’s totemic achievement: freedo(...)

Prime minister Boris Johnson speaking at a media briefing on coronavirus in Downing Street: Photograph: Eddie Mulholland/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been widely praised for his handling of the coronvirus crisis, in particular for the tone and content of his address to the(...)

Empty shelves in a Dublin supermarket: As a small, open economy, heavily reliant on international trade, Ireland could be hit hard by a global downturn.

The Irish economy may fall into recession if the coronavirus outbreak persists for longer than three months, the Economic and Social Research Institut(...)

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