A girl wearing ear protection attends the Primavera Sound Festival in Porto, Portugal.  Photograph:  Jose Coelho/ EPA

You know that ringing in your ear you get after a particularly loud rock concert? All those screaming guitar solos, high-pitched synths and amp feedba(...)

Ross O’Neill of Neuromod Devices with a Mutebutton

For some it’s a high-pitched drone, for others a whooshing, hissing or buzzing. The layman’s name for it is “ringing in your ears”. The medical term i(...)

Sound women: Rhona Togher and Eimear O’Carroll preparing to launch a set of headphones with the relief therapy built in.

An Irish start-up is aiming to safeguard the nation’s hearing, by treating and ultimately preventing avoidable hearing loss. Founded by Rhona Togher a(...)