The institute said that a person earning €75,000 pays eight times more personal tax (income tax, USC and social insurance) than someone earning €25,000. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

It is “unsustainable” to keep more than 750,000 income earners outside of the tax loop, the Irish Tax Institute (ITI) has warned. In a pre-budge(...)

Irish Tax Institute communications director Olivia Buckley: “The effectiveness of existing global tax rules is challenged by the ongoing digitalisation of the economy,” she says. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

A European Commission proposal to tax the digital turnover of big tech firms could be challenged legally if it gets across the line, the Irish Tax Ins(...)

Irish Tax Institute policy director Cora O’Brien (left) and communications director Olivia Buckley at the launch in Dublin of the report on  tax strategy to grow Irish indigenous exports. Photograph: Julien Behal

Ireland’s tax code is failing indigenous exporters and creating an over-reliance on foreign multinationals, the Irish Tax Institute has warned. In a(...)

Irish taxation: An unequal burden

High marginal tax rates apply at relatively low levels of income in Ireland. In consequence, workers earning less than the average industrial wage pay(...)

At a salary level of €75,000, taxpayers here are paying rates close to those in France and more than €4,500 more tax than their peers in the UK. Photograph: Tobias Kaltenbach/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Middle and higher-income earners still pay more tax than they did seven years ago despite moves to unwind the various austerity measures imposed durin(...)