Reported adverse affects from illegal cosmetic products in Ireland are increasing, according to the regulatory authority. File photograph: Getty Images

More than 3,000 harmful illegal cosmetic products were seized as they entered Ireland in the past two years. They were, in the main, for teeth whiten(...)

Enjoying the good weather at O’Carrolls Cove, near Waterville, Co Kerry. Photograph: Frank Miller

Ireland has been ranked 14th in a global table of skin cancer susceptibility, a new medical study shows. New Zealand has the highest rate of skin can(...)

John Byrne, Eddie O’Grady and Marian Morton from Castleknock enjoying the sunshine in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Is good weather bad for your health? With a sharp increase in weather-related accidents and casualties across the country, it is becoming clear that t(...)

Psoriasis is a very common, non-contagious, long-term inflammatory skin disorder in which there is an increase in the rate at which skin cells are pro(...)

The Sunbed Association, a  body representing sunbed salons in the UK and Ireland,  took issue with the connection made between sunbeds and cancer, and challenged Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe to produce  evidence of it.  File photograph: Getty Images

You almost have to admire the ballsiness of the Sunbed Association. They came out swinging this week after a Budget Day announcement of a VAT increase(...)

Most of the Irish population is fair-skinned and, as such, are really prone to the daily effects of the sun, wind and cold. Photograph: Thinkstock

It is the largest human organ, but possibly the one we take most for granted. We shave it, wax it, spray perfume and deodorant on it and often care(...)

People are advised to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm and to wear a hat and wraparound glasses in summer to maintain a youthful appearance. Photograph: Thinkstock

We are constantly warned about the danger of sun damage to our skin. And while we may be conscious of protecting children’s delicate skin, when it (...)

Herb garden : Kitty Scully, presenter of RTÉ TV show How To Create A Garden (...)