Officials from Minister for Health Simon Harris’ department are to meet medical colleges to discuss clinical protocols to deliver an abortion service. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

The Department of Health is to meet medical colleges including the Irish College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Physicians, and the In(...)

In Ireland, almost one million counterfeit or sub-standard medicines were seized in 2017. Of these, 47 per cent were anabolic steroids, 23 per cent were sedatives and 13 per cent were medicines for erectile dysfunction. Photograph: iStock

Most of us would never consider the possibility that the medicines we take might be fake or substandard, yet about 10 per cent of medicines worldwide (...)

GPs and specialist family planning services are concerned that routing a free contraceptive scheme via pharmacies would limit women’s contraceptive choices and risk side-lining some of the most effective methods available, such as hormonal implants or the coil. Photograph: iStock

The Minister for Health’s proposals to introduce a free contraception scheme after the abortion referendum is positive news for everyone. Internationa(...)

The pill: there is no clinical reason why women should still require a prescription for oral or transdermal contraceptives.

A little over two months ago the Irish people voted overwhelmingly to allow the Oireachtas to legislate for termination of pregnancy. This was a signi(...)

This week’s unprecedented heatwave has been joyfully welcomed by the Irish population – who have (if they could) spent the week lying on beaches, walk(...)

IPU executive committee member Caitriona O’Riordan said the most immediate risk of illegal medications was the lack of quality control.  File photograph:Jason Clarke

Pharmacists are growing increasingly concerned at the rise in the levels of counterfeit or illegal medications being seized in Ireland. There was a (...)

Speaking at the annual conference of the Irish Pharmacy Union, its president Dara Connolly said ‘it is essential that pharmacists are compensated properly for their time and expertise’  . File photograph: Colm Mahady

Pharmacists have said they are growing increasingly angry and frustrated that the Government is putting in place pay restoration for public servants w(...)

Currently, oral hormonal contraception pills, patches, rings and injections all require a prescription. Photograph: Getty

GPs have strongly rejected proposals by the Irish Pharmacy Union that pharmacists should be given control of a State-funded, free national contracepti(...)

The contraceptive pill, patches and rings would be made available without prescription and without charge, regardless of eligibility, under the IPU proposal. File photograph: Getty Images

Pharmacists are seeking to deliver a State-funded free contraception service to women, including supplying contraceptive pills without prescription. (...)

Irish Pharmacy Union: its proposal would “alleviate pressure on overworked GPs”. Photograph: Bloomberg

Community pharmacists are urging the Government to introduce a minor-ailment scheme that would allow patients with medical cards to be treated for com(...)

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