The new children’s food pyramid. Illustration: Paul Scott/The Irish Times

On October 1st, the Department of Health and the Department of Children jointly launched the first healthy-eating guidelines specifically for children(...)

Dieticians have warned that a balanced diet is neccesary for nutritional reasons as much as to combat obesity.

Irish people are eating less than half of the recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables and it could be just a matter of time before the Repu(...)

Iron-rich meal: scrambled egg with mushrooms and  grilled tomato.

Almost half of adult women and three-quarters of teenage girls aren’t getting enough iron from their food, according to the most recent dietary guidel(...)

The term “superfood” is banned by the European Food Safety Authority.

Over the last few years, seemingly “normal” foods have gotten a higher profile. Blueberries, kale and salmon have all edged their way into our regular(...)

Model and basketball player, Emer Foley (left), with Katie Dennison and Megan Dempsey at the launch of a new programme “Free Being Me”, empowering girls through improving body confidence. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Emer Foley was in third class at primary school when she began to be conscious that she was bigger than her friends. There was a weighing scale(...)

Food fact: the least healthy element of the ‘healthy eating’ lunchbox is the most likely to be eaten. Photograph: Thinkstock Images

‘Why didn’t you eat your lunch?” asks a parent.“I didn’t have enough time,” replies the child.Hands up all parents of primary-school children who have(...)

High milk consumption does not increase the risk of heart disease and type2 diabetes “and indeed may provide benefit”, a conference on milk and nutrition was told this evening.

High milk consumption does not increase the risk of heart disease and type2 diabetes “and indeed may provide benefit”, a conference on milk and nutrit(...)

Fibre provides a source of energy for the friendly probiotic bacteria living in the large intestine that in turn may help to boost the immune system

Fibre is a vital but often forgotten nutrient for health. It plays a role in digestion and in reducing our risk of heart disease, diabetes and colo(...)

Lucy Hutchinson: Full of energy and no longer pale and tired, Lucy is thriving on a gluten-free diet since being diagnosed with coeliac disease.

When seven-year-old Lucy Hutchinson made her First Communion last Saturday she was the first child in the church to receive the host – for a reason(...)

Try to eat a rainbow of colour every day: that means at least one red fruit or vegetable for lycopene. Remember fruit and vegetables provide critical vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Photograph: Getty Images

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the 5km parkrun events last weekend as part of Get Running. Many of you will go on to make a 10km or eve(...)

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