Independent TD Noel Grealish raised the issue of personal remittances sent from Ireland to other countries in the Dáil this week. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

“Disappointment” and “shock” were some of the responses from Irish emigrant support groups to Independent TD Noel Grealish’s comments regarding immigr(...)

‘Those who return for family reasons usually have the persistence to deal with difficulties thrown their way, but those who are single and coming home for a better lifestyle have less patience with obstacles.’

This year, as many emigrants explore the possibility of returning to Ireland, they are likely to encounter a strange fusion of feelings relating to be(...)

The vast majority of Irish prisoners overseas will eventually be released, with many choosing to return home. .PA photo: Rebecca Naden.

The Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas (ICPO) was established 30 years ago by the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference following concerns about the nu(...)

Alan Hilliard: ‘The one who returns has changed many levels. The experience of living in a new place radically alters their view on things. What they believe, how they perceive, think, feel, and act can be very different.’ Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons / The Irish Times

This is the year of returnees; at least that is what many are saying. The Government is now encouraging emigrants to come home, as there are more j(...)

‘Emigrants may be interested in contributing to a new Ireland - one that offers a more secure future and one that might incentivise their return with their families. Ireland more than ever needs a young, energetic and visionary population.’ Photograph: Antonio Bronic/Reuters

This week, Minister of State for the Diaspora Jimmy Deenihan said a plan for emigrant voting rights will not be included in the Government's new st(...)

 The concept of ‘migratory mourning’ is emerging in modern psychology,   a clinical name for nostalgia and homesickness felt by emigrants and their family and friends left behind. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien /The Irish Times

There is something unnerving when you watch a grown man cry. He was in his mid-50s, dressed in overalls and work boots, and spoke to me through the ki(...)