Shannon Guerrico: “I examine the unceasing coexistence of life and death, fear and tenderness, ecstasy and anxiety, as well as magic and frustration.”

As a melting pot of cultures in the centre of Europe, Switzerland perfectly complements Shannon Guerrico’s mixed Irish-Argentinian background. “My mo(...)

Born Mary Harris in Cork in 1837, Mother Jones immersed herself in the struggles of American miners earning herself the sobriquet ‘the most dangerous woman in America’.

Irish-born trade unionist and children’s rights activist Mother Jones is an inspiration to modern female labour activists in America, a virtual ceremo(...)

St Patrick’s Day: Michael Bloomberg, as mayor, and Dr Kevin Cahill at the American Irish Historical Society after the New York parade in 2011. Photograph: Michael Appleton/New York Times

An exquisite Gilded Age townhouse on Fifth Avenue in New York City is on the market for more than $52 million, or more than €40 million. It featu(...)

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said there are many benefits and opportunities inherent in the protocol for Northern Ireland.

New structures must be developed to underpin British-Irish relations after Brexit, the Taoiseach has said, with more work needed to ensure reconciliat(...)

Dr Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

One of the world’s leading entrepreneurs has attributed a large part of her success to the early break she got in Ireland and to the progressive manag(...)

Irish Lives Matter T-Shirts for sale on Amazon.

A senior group of Irish-American political and cultural leaders has urged Irish-Americans to boycott the sale of “Irish Lives Matter” T-shirts in the (...)

John Ryan with his wife, Denise, and their children on the Navajo reservation where Denise was born

An Irishman who is helping native Americans fight one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the US said these people live in “desolate conditions” and(...)

People stand on designated areas to maintain social distancing as they queue outside a general store during a government-imposed nationwide lockdown in Bhopal, India. Photograph: Sanjeev Gupta/EPA

Brian Ingle is a Dublin-born osteopath and teacher of somatic exercise, a system of gentle movements that its practitioners say can reduce physic(...)

Dennis Brownlee: head of African American Irish Diaspora Network learned about his Irish heritage growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1960s.

As preparations begin for St Patrick’s Day in the United States, an event in New York this week explored an often overlooked aspect of Irish-American (...)

Keren and Keith Byrne

An Irishman imprisoned in the US after being lifted “without warning” by immigration officials after almost 10 years working to secure his citizenship(...)

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