The number of people seeking private smears increased this year following controversy and uncertainty around the national screening programme. Photograph: Getty Images

The price of a private smear can vary by up to 200 per cent depending on which GP clinic you attend and which laboratory is used, The Irish Times has (...)

Under the new service, GPs will provide medical abortions to women up to nine weeks gestation, while terminations between nine and 12 weeks will be carried out in hospitals.

GPs have been issued with “interim” clinical guidelines for providing abortion services by their professional body. The guidelines from the Irish Col(...)

 Minister for Health Simon Harris says in the context of abortion services a ‘conscientious objection is that you don’t have to be involved in a procedure’. Photograph: Collins

At least 40 GPs have walked out of an extraordinary general meeting of the Irish College of General Practitioners over the issue of conscientious obje(...)

Chairman of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists  Dr Peter Boylan: “I think in general it’s pretty well acknowledged that there are capacity constraints in the system. There will need to be investment.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The operation of abortion services in the State without adequate ultrasound availability will be “fraught with risk”, an Oireachtas Health Committee w(...)

Online medical services: beneficial or a cause for concern?

We use our phones and computers for work, online shopping, and the majority of our banking services – so why not for a visit to the GP? A video or onl(...)

A retired boxer walks into an osteopath’s clinic with persistent sinus infection and a repeat prescription for seemingly ineffective antibiotics. Afte(...)

Currently, oral hormonal contraception pills, patches, rings and injections all require a prescription. Photograph: Getty

GPs have strongly rejected proposals by the Irish Pharmacy Union that pharmacists should be given control of a State-funded, free national contracepti(...)

Toxic work environments not only affect physicians, but nursing staff and other healthcare professionals, with implications for public health

Recent evidence documents the growing problem of physician burnout in Ireland, affecting many doctors and thus, indirectly, their patients. What is b(...)

Family doctors have warned further increases in eligibility for free GP care in the absence of increased capacity will lead to waiting lists. Photograph: PA.

Family doctors have warned further increases in eligibility for free GP care in the absence of increased capacity will jeopardise the provision of sam(...)

Some unaccredited pregnancy counselling agencies are providing ‘inaccurate’ and ‘harmful’ information to women

The rising use of abortion pills ordered online in Ireland is a “concern”, particularly as women who used the pills “may fear presenting to Irish heal(...)

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