Deputy governor Sharon Donnery said she did not expect to see a “new London” emerging

While the decision of some financial services firms to move to Ireland post-Brexit might lead to job creation, the overall impact of Britain’s decisio(...)

 AIB was recently refused a summary judgment against a farming couple who had run up more than €1 million in debt and arrears. Mr Justice Max Barrett accepted the arguments made by the couple’s counsel in the High Court that EU consumer rights law and provisions of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights, should apply in the case.

The human rights of thousands of people are being abused by banks and mortgage providers, according to a new alliance of barristers and solicitors. (...)

Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

People who believe they have suffered a breach of their data privacy rights have no entitlement to an oral hearing when they complain to the Data Prot(...)

 In a recent speech, Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon referred to some solicitors as “digital ambulance chasers”. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

In a recent speech, Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon set out her perspectives on data protection supervision – putting her on a collisio(...)

 Helen Dixon: “I think we are starting to see the rise in digital ambulance chasers in terms of certain legal firms presenting volumes of cases to the office.”   Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

Lawyers have been accused of “digital ambulance chasing” by Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon, who has suggested certain firms are tying up her(...)

Former legal adviser to the Stormont government Brian Doherty said important elements of the Northern Ireland settlement will go if the UK leaves the EU

Important elements of the Northern Ireland settlement will go if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, according to a former legal adviser to (...)

A currency exchange board offering to buy euros is pictured at the side of the road on the  Border between the Republic and the North in Donegal. A customs and VAT border between the Republic and Northern Ireland will be introduced as a result of Brexit. Photograph:  Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

It is impossible to see any reason why the UK would be able to negotiate new arrangements with the European Union that were more favourable than those(...)

Several broader legal consequences for the Republic would result from UK withdrawal for the EU. Photograph: Getty Images

If the UK decides to leave the European Union, the legal relationships between the UK and the Republic will alter in various ways. Although some chan(...)

Blanaid Clarke, TCD professor of corporate law, and Danny McCoy, chief executive of Ibec, speaking at an Ibec conference on the implications of a potential Brexit for Ireland. Next month’s British referendum on EU membership is ‘by far’ the single biggest issue in a generation for Irish business, according to Danny McCoy. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Next month’s British referendum on EU membership is “by far” the single biggest issue in a generation for Irish business, according to Danny McCoy, ch(...)

Copyright issues affecting content uploaded online are a “web of complexity”, a conference hosted by the Irish Centre for European Law heard

Online copyright issues are mired in a “web of complexity” with even experts sometimes unable to decipher them, a legal adviser for Google has told a(...)

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