On average, carers provide 39 hours of unpaid care per week – the equivalent of a full-time career. Photograph: iStock

“ . . . Relentless, exhausting and often unpleasant or demeaning, with little or no support, reward or recognition.” That’s a description of the work(...)

‘Not all separated parents get to see their kids on Christmas Day.’ Photograph: iStock

It’s the time of year when we play a losing battle against the imminent arrival of Christmas – but if you’re a separated parent, you have to think abo(...)

“The ‘News of the World’ published racy news stories, often about prominent personalities having affairs or running off with other people’s spouses.” Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

A recent headline in The Irish Times which read ‘Do I have to tell a guy I’m a virgin?’ made me think, for some reason, of men who used to kneel in th(...)

Thousands of people are still tormented in their own homes by the very people who should cherish them.

It has been 44 years since Nuala Fennell, a leader of the women’s movement, wrote a letter to The Irish Times, drawing attention to the problem of do(...)

‘Clown by Candlelight’ by Mary Swanzy is on show at the ‘Circus250: Art of the Show’ exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland.

It’s not often that picture of a clown stops me in my tracks because it reminds me of me. But it happened when I found myself in front of Mary Swanzy’(...)

Whether you go to wrestling shows, meditate, dress up in drag, study for a PhD, pound the pavements in your running shoes, turn cartwheels, write poetry or pretend to be Batman, you are connecting with the power of motivation. Photograph: iStock

If you go to the park at the weekends you might see grown men out flying model airplanes. What do they get out of it? Probably a combination of fun, b(...)

A common mistake following relationship breakdown is to assume  something is inherently wrong with you as a person.

Relationships are sometimes compared jokingly or otherwise to a battlefield, but the end of a relationship can be an emotional battlefield all of its (...)

You spend a lot of time at work and if you can deepen its meaning for you, then you deepen the meaning of your life. Photograph: iStock

Towards the end of the last century, to get into the editorial department of The Irish Times from Fleet Street in Dublin city centre you had to talk t(...)

Men are more likely to do their grieving silently. Photograph: iStock

I wonder how many of the men and women you know are silently holding the grief of miscarriage as they go through their day? A good many, as estimate(...)

Going over a pleasant memory or even over a good experience you expect to have in the future can boost your sense of well-being and positivity. Photograph: iStock

Brooding, thinking repetitively about a situation real or imagined, is a common human activity, so it’s probably one of yours. Brooding has got a bad(...)

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