Fighting is inevitable in long-term relationships – the trick is to be able to get over the fight with the least damage to everyone concerned

People who spend a lot of time in the doghouse are probably not looking forward to the so-called festive season – or to any other season that involves(...)

‘Escape seems to be the only option for the person being targeted, but escape has to be very carefully planned if it is not to end in tragedy.’

My bafflement over the motivations of people who exercise toxic levels of control in their personal lives was awoken again recently when I read a twee(...)

AI tales: At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a robot called Tega can tell stories to children of kindergarten age and learn from feedback. Photograph: MIT

Walking along a residential street one evening not long ago my attention was caught by a common enough scene. A woman was standing inside her front ga(...)

If parents can figure out an arrangement they are both happy with, then the child will be happy with it

Christmas is on the way and for separated parents it’s time to work out arrangements about the children. While all sorts of arrangements are possible(...)

The laudable resolve to combat sexual harassment and bullying will need quite a lot of detailed work to translate into practice

When the furore about sexual harassment has abated, I think one thing will have changed and one thing will not. What will have changed is that we will(...)

The lads spilt beer all over the table, but managed to save the mobile phones

They arrived into the carriage in a clatter of suitcases and cans, full of the joys of life and full of drink. The mid-afternoon train from Galway to(...)

Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy board meeting at Castle Leslie cost of €1,500. Photograph: Alan Betson

None of the serving directors of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) who stood for election at its recent general meeting w(...)

Queen Maxima of The Netherlands and Sweden’s Queen Silvia on a visit to the Dutch village Hogeweyk, designed for people with dementia. Photograph: Frank van Beek/AFP/Getty Images)

Cancer used to be the most feared illness, to be spoken of in a whisper and abbreviated to the Big C. What is the most feared illness today? I expec(...)

A motion of no confidence in the board of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy was withdrawn. It had arisen after efforts to get details of foreign travel and credit card spending had allegedly failed.

A motion of no confidence in the board of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) arising from claims of a lack of financial tr(...)

Italy’s data protection commissioner recently stated that some of the millions of images circulating in the world of child pornography originate in parents’ social media posts

I have, somewhere, a black and white photograph of myself aged about two, standing in a field with our dog Lassie. That, and four or five other photog(...)

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