One person can be told repeatedly that they are “a thick” and shrug it off. Another takes it to heart

Waiting to cross the street recently, I overheard a young man telling somebody else on the phone that he or she was “a thick”. He said it several time(...)

Remember what to do if you fall off the wagon – stop the horses, climb back up and hit the road again. Photograph: iStock

It is Health Season in The Irish Times. In print and online, we will be offering encouragement and inspiration to help us all improve our ph(...)

Anxiety is a part of everyday life in the age of Covid but it shouldn’t rule our lives. Photograph: iStock

“Anticipatory vigilance” is a phrase used to describe the experience of suffering from heightened, everyday anxiety in which we get into the habi(...)

It’s very important  to keep hammering home to yourself the distinction between failing and being a failure.

I once observed the aftermath of a fairly minor collision between a car and a van. The van driver was berating the car driver who stood with his head (...)

If being bundled up and brought from home to home is going to make the children’s day worse rather than better, perhaps you might consider seeing them on St Stephen’s Day. Photograph: iStock

If you are a father who is not living with his child, and if the relationship with the mother is not an easy one, it’s time to start talking about Chr(...)

We all know of instances in which children were repeatedly shamed for bed-wetting and that experience of shame stayed with them into adulthood. Photograph: iStock

Shame, so far as we know, is felt “in people” in all cultures and countries. I wrote “in people” because it appears to be felt physically. If a thre(...)

Lockdown has led people to look on work as usual with a jaundiced eye. Photograph: iStock

“Surge in resignations as employees defy bosses on return to office” is a fairly startling headline. It appeared in The Irish Times earlier this month(...)

Being labelled an alcoholic might prevent you from recognising that you have a problem in the first place. Image: iStock

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me,” must rank among the most untrue proverbs of all time. As too many people know, na(...)

Going away to college can prove a daunting experience for young people as they struggle to adjust without the former normal  supports of school and family.

Not long ago, lying in bed in a hotel on the edge of the university district in Cork, I listened to sounds of revelry, from the nearby streets. The st(...)

We tend to romanticise what we long for, like  the emigrant in The Old Bog Road who invests Ireland with a romantic tinge though he has no intention of returning to it

When we were children and my father brought us to visit cousins near Prosperous in Co Kildare, we would sometimes walk to the grave of Teresa Brayton (...)

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