Padraig O’Morain: Forced sex-trafficking is an evil trade

Compare and contrast. Within a fairly short drive of wherever you live you could probably find a woman to have sex with for money. She could be a woma(...)

The Molly Malone statue in Dublin sporting a face mask. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

The blare of a car horn drew my attention to an incident which had a lot to teach about fear. It was very relevant, I thought, to our public-health cr(...)

It’s normal to harbour doubts and fears – even without  the added pressure of the disruption caused by a worldwide pandemic.

I don’t know how many people wake up with a sense of dread in the mornings. The number must be higher than usual at this time of disruption – but it h(...)

Better an optimist than a pessimist be – but realism makes you happier. That’s worth remembering in both a global and a personal sense at the moment. (...)

The desire for normality can push us towards forgetfulness. Photograph: iStock

How quickly will we forget about the mental health consequences of the pandemic? Fairly quickly judging by the passion we give to debates over pubs a(...)

The cat is looking at his funny reflection in the mirror at home. It sees a tiger there.

If you listened carefully enough towards the end of March you could hear the sound of accountants laughing in the distance. The laughter was triggered(...)

For all of us, those for whom it will be easy and those for whom it will be hard, what matters is to go into the new future with hope in our hearts. Photograph: iStock

I was lamenting with someone the other day, from across their hedge, that we are going to miss a lot of the old, familiar world when we emerge fully f(...)

A walk around the block, an evening with friends, a coffee in a cafe, can make a big difference.

Is the relationship I’ve got the relationship I want? Some couples might be asking themselves that question as we continue our slow emergence from a l(...)

In the northern hemisphere May tends to be a peak month for suicide

Are people fraying at the edges as we continue the excruciatingly slow dance of lifting the lockdown? Looking at Google search trends the other day I (...)

When will Dublin streets be bustling with crowds of many nationalities again? Photograph: Alan Betson

“The ice is thawing,” a man declared to me from across the road on a blazing hot day last week. He marched on in the direction of the Phoenix Park. I (...)

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