Across 4,850 cars put through the measurement system, all diesel-engined cars exceeded the current NOx limits in real-world conditions.

Since the public first found out about the diesel emissions scandal, car makers across the world have been trying to convince us that diesel engines t(...)

A Volkswagen car dealership in San Diego, California: Along with a $4.3bn settlement  with the US justice department and EPA,  VW will plead guilty to charges, including wire fraud and violating the US Clean Air Act. Photograph: Reuters/Mike Blake

Oliver Schmidt’s decision to holiday in Florida now seems foolhardy. As a senior VW manager linked to the firm’s diesel emissions scandal, a vacation (...)

Work by a small research team at West Virginia University led to identifying the deception by the powerful auto giant

Daniel Carder, an unassuming 45-year-old engineer with gray hair and blue jeans, appears an unlikely type to take down one of the world’s most powerfu(...)

New research shows that in real-world conditions, the nitrogen-oxide emissions of modern diesel engines are as much as seven-times higher than the limit allowed for in the current Euro6 emissions regulations

While the rush to buy diesel-engined cars has been fuelled by national vehicle taxation regimes that encourage low-carbon motoring, it’s now looking m(...)

Car makers are being effectively encouraged to ’cheat’ the fuel economy test by stricter Co2 limits

European motorists are spending €450 per year more for fuel than they might expect to pay, because of exaggerated economy claims by carmakers. These c(...)

Emissions from ships and boats amountto a billion tonnes or 3 per cent of globalgreenhouse gas emissions – twice that of the international aviation industry

Shipping is one of the silent global polluters. Emissions from ships and boats amount to a billion tonnes or 3 per cent of global greenhouse gas emiss(...)