The World Conference on Women's Health at the RDS was told women’s and children’s rights were more vulnerable in patriarchal societies

The concept of “family values” can undermine the rights of women and children, a United Nations health expert has warned Dainius Puras, UN special ra(...)

“Rights, Resilience, Recovery” is  the  theme of   the 2017 World Congress on Women’s Mental Health taking place in the RDS  from March 6th-9th

“Rights, Resilience, Recovery” is a big theme for a big global meeting on women’s mental health, but two years ago in Japan, experts chose Ireland as (...)

Two years ago in Japan, mental health experts chose Ireland as the next country to stage the World Congress on Women’s Mental Health and when they became aware of the abortion laws here they were unanimously ‘shocked’

“You cannot separate out the issue of having no reproductive rights from a woman’s mental health,” Veronica O’Keane, Professor of Psychiatry at Trinit(...)