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Open days have always been a feature of choosing a course, but the threat of Covid-19 has effectively closed campuses to visitors, with third levels m(...)

Virtual Open Days can make it easier for parents to be  involved in the process.

Would you welcome your parents tagging along to an open day? Or would you be more likely to say: “please go away, you’re embarrassing me”? Over the (...)

The social side of college may not  be the same, but young people are resilient and resourceful at coming up with new ways of connecting.

What will college be like in 2021? The class of 2021 – who may or may not sit the traditional Leaving Cert exam next June – are, along with the rest o(...)

How many further and higher education options do students have?

Choosing a college course is one decision – where to do it is a whole other question. But, with Covid-19 upending so much about further and higher edu(...)

Months of hard work have gone in to bringing together colleges electronically from the four corners of the world.  Photograph: Conor Mulhern

The Higher Options conference is the starting point for many students as they begin to plan the next phase of their educational journey. It brings to(...)

There has been a  growth in interest among Irish students in  European universities over recent years. Photograph: iStock

My daughter would love to study physiotherapy but feels the high points requirements will be beyond her. She says there are options in European univer(...)

International travel might be limited for now but alternatives include taking a gap year, deferring and working or repeating the Leaving Cert.
CAO is not the only game in town

So you didn’t get the course you want. Or you’ve got the course you thought you wanted, but now you’ve changed your mind. Perhaps you don’t really wa(...)

Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will operate The Irish Times Results and CAO helpdesk from midday on September 7th.

Questions relating to exam results and CAO points allocations usually feature prominently among those addressed by guidance counsellors manning The Ir(...)

The measures  called for include increased one-to-one support for students returning to school through the reinstatement of  guidance counsellor hours.

Many secondary school students feel worried that they have lost out due to distance learning and fear falling further behind in the coming academic ye(...)

Parents can access online work in a guardian capacity. Photograph: iStock

“Forget about points, don’t waste energy fretting about future events and focus on the tasks your teachers set you each week and day.” This advice to(...)

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