A 1 7-year-old  girl was trafficked into Ireland after her brother had sold her for €300 in order for her to be married to an older man.

Gardaí interviewed 47 Latvian women who had been trafficked to Ireland solely to enter into a sham marriage with a non-EU citizen, a new report has re(...)

Chinonyerem Okeke at the Immigration Council of Ireland conference in the Morrisson Hotel in Dublin. Photograph: Peter Murtagh/The Irish Times

The dry legalistic and policy imperatives surrounding the debate about immigration reform were shattered when a young woman told her story on Friday m(...)

The Get Involved event at Ballyhaunis GAA club aimed to foster respect for different cultures and avoid ghettoisation and hate crime in the future. Paddy, the racist letter writer, said he would be giving the town “a very wide berth”. Photograph: Keith Heneghan

He hopes I will be gang-raped by men from another country. Paddy from D7, the only identification provided in his hand-written letter to me, expressed(...)

Welcoming citizens

‘Opportunities created by the law may be undermined by problems in the procedure”. That in essence is the criticism levelled by the Immigration Counci(...)