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Hizbullah supporters and relatives of members of the the Islamic Shia movement attend the funeral yesterday of a Hizbullah fighter who died in the Syrian conflict in Ouzai in Beirut. Photograph: Issam Kobeisy/Reuters

Two crude rockets fired from the Lebanese coastal mountain range into a Shia majority neighbourhood in south (...)

A Lebanese army soldier walks on a patrol after being  in the northern port city of Tripoli. Photograph: Omar Ibrahim/Reuters

The northern Lebanese port of Tripoli has been caught up in the battle between Syrian troops bolstered by Lebanese Shia Hiz(...)

Syrian information minister Omran Zoabi: said Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan should “step down as a killer and a butcher”. Photograph: Khaled al-Hariri

Damascus yesterday denied involvement in twin bombings in southern Turkey that killed 50 people and injured 155 on Saturday, a(...)

The TV In a coffee shop in Beirut shows Hizbullah leader Sayyad Hassan Nasrallah speaking on television yesterday. Photograph: Mohamed Azakir/Reuters

Hizbullah, the Lebanon-based and Iranian-backed Shia Muslim organisation regarded as terrorist by several western(...)

Israeli reserve soldiers preparing to take on Hizbullah, their militia vanguard in neighbouring Lebanon. Photograph: Amir Cohen/Reuters

The elephant in the Lebanese- Syria n room is Hizbullah, the Lebanese Shia movement that is a major political, economic and military player on (...)

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