Lucia Ryan, principal of Hartstown Community School:  The school  splits up larger classes and uses the  gym as a temporary learning hub where students learn remotely. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

When Hartstown Community School learned of its third case of Covid-19 , it followed the official guidelines: the student self-isolated while the princ(...)

Maintaining low levels of infection in schools will depend on how well the wider community does in holding off a broader spread in the population. Photograph: iStock

Not so long ago there were siren voices warning that schools could become vectors of coronavirus infection when they reopened. But, two months on, la(...)

Location manager Eoin Holohan says the production team never took the easy option: ‘Honestly, we never stopped trying to make it look good’ If t(...)

The centre of Blanchardstown village. Photograph: Crispin Rodwell/The Irish Times

What’s so good about it? Almost 50 years ago, Blanchardstown was a tiny village with a gently busy main street, surrounded mainly by greenery and for(...)