Georgia Tech

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Alzheirmer’s treatment: The Implantation of brain probes was considered too invasive. Photograph: Getty Images

Controlling brainwaves using a flickering LED light may provide a way to halt and then reverse the changes that occur in the brains of Alzheimer’s pat(...)

Georgia Tech’s AJ Gray scores a touchdown during the College Football Classic at the Aviva Stadium. Photograph: Inpho

Georgia Tech 17 Boston College 14 In a week where Irish-American relations may have soured somewhat thanks to a certain ruling by the EU Commission r(...)

Number five Justin Thomas, quarterback of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, perhaps the best player in today’s game. Photograph: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

I do not claim to be an expert on Irish sports – my dear wife Robyn would likely contend that that label can be extended far more broadly – but it wou(...)