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Glasnevin cemetery may be a place where some of the best-known names of Ireland’s past lie, but it’s also a living part of Dublin’s history. Photograph: Getty Images

There are some facts and figures guaranteed to silence a table. People might ask you to repeat yourself or blink in disbelief or question the truth of(...)

All aboard - though don’t be late. Photograph: Michael Brown

A sure sign of middle age, according to BBC presenter Jeremy Vine, is that you start turning up early at railway stations. As quoted in the Londo(...)

‘There is nothing wrong with Dublin Port. It is simply in the wrong place.’ Photograph: Getty Images

In the past couple of days, a row has broken out between Minister for Transport and Green leader Eamon Ryan and Eamonn O’Reilly, the public servant wh(...)

I thanked Ms Lot and set off for 2022, without a glance back. Photograph: Tooga Productions Inc

We lament so much that is wrong with the world. It could be worse. Yes, even as we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. For instance, there’s the Black De(...)

Mattia Villardita handing Pope Francis a Spider-Man mask: ‘I said these words to him: through those eyes, the eyes of the mask, I see a lot of suffering daily in these children.’ Photograph: Vatican Media/AFP via Getty

The images quickly went viral around the world. They showed an audience of Pope Francis in the Vatican this week, with an unusual participant in the c(...)

15 Usher’s Island – the house has been empty for several years now, its future uncertain

Of the many curses, poetic and otherwise, that past generations of Irish people had at their command, few were as damning as this one: “May the grass (...)

Stephen Kenny: his Republic of Ireland side looked the better team for long periods but over 120 minutes they could not find the net. Photograph: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Thirty years after the penalty shootout that transformed the country into a state of delirium, the Republic of Ireland soccer team endured a ghost ver(...)

The Bugatti Type 57 SC is known in the trade as La Voiture Noire.

People have believed, at times, in pirate treasure maps. People have lost their way and their lives searching for the golden jungle city of Eldorado. (...)

To cap it all, Stephen Rynne wrote, she had “an attractive way of stooping as she passes into the henhouses”. Photograph: Getty Images

One of the more contentious opinions of that otherwise affable writer Stephen Rynne – as I was reminded recently at the height of the ministerial geog(...)

O’Leary took his penalty with princely elegance, and the roar that followed would have awoken the moon from its stony, distant slumbers. Photograph: Billy Stickland/Inpho

And so it came to pass, the worst of all finishes to a football match - a penalty shoot-out, a means of deciding a match which has all the pleasantnes(...)

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