For inshore fishermen, sprat are now seen as an alternative catch to the lost abundance of skate, ray, plaice and other inshore species. Drawing by Michael Viney

A torrent of little silvery sprats was spilling in panic out of the sea, chased ashore by mackerel, and people were scooping them up with buckets, gle(...)

A new engineering building at Technological University of the Shannon’s campus in Athlone, formerly known as Athlone Institute of Technology

The country’s newest university has been formally established from the merger of existing institutes of technology in Athlone and Limerick. The Tec(...)

Bernard Birkett: ‘If you keep developing yourself and keep your eyes and ears open, opportunity is out there and you just have to go and take it.’ Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Despite having moved to the United States in 2015, Bernard Birkett makes sure he catches an RTÉ news bulletin every evening. “It’s always going to be (...)

Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris formally awarded technological university status to LIT and AIT earlier this month. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

The name of the country’s next technological university in the Midlands has been revealed. Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (...)

  Sara Althabhaney (18) who moved to Ireland from Yemen when she was 13, said the years of uncertainty when awaiting a decision on an asylum claim were hugely detrimental to people’s health.  Photograph: Keith Heneghan

The Government’s commitment to ending direct provision has been welcomed by residents who have been stuck in the troubled accommodation system for yea(...)

The number of technological universities may grow from two to five by this time next year, according to Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris. Photograph:  Crispin Rodwell

The number of technological universities may grow from two to five by this time next year, according to Government Ministers. A technological univers(...)

Irish abroad: chef Andrew Walsh moved to Singapore in 2012

Andrew Walsh is chef-owner of Cure, Butcher Boy, Catfish and Bao Boy in Singapore. From Breaffy, in Co Mayo, he left Ireland in 2002 to go backpacking(...)

“A total of 538 modular courses are on offer across 32 higher education institutes.” Photograph: iStock

Now, more than ever, learning new skills is an essential part of the workplace – but do you really want to commit to a full- or part-time course? Sim(...)

Sperm whales off Ireland’s west coast. Photograph: Irish Maritime Squadron

We may have lost Fungi but new research reveals has Ireland has an abundance of sperm whales living off its shores. There is an estimated population (...)

Mola mola: a near-circular disc of a fish with a rather small mouth, the sunfish swims mostly vertically. Illustration: Michael Viney

Measuring big changes in the life of the sea can mean poring over the records of tiny things such as plankton. But swimming into recent Irish calculat(...)

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