Policemen observe a minute’s   silence at  Bordeaux city hall in homage to history teacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded. Photograph:   Philippe Lopez/AFP

France began a crackdown against alleged Islamic radicals on Monday, three days after a school teacher was beheaded for having shown cartoons of the P(...)

French president Emmanuel Macron: “We built our own separatism, that of our neighbourhoods, through the ghettoisation of our Republic.” Photograph: Ludovic Marin

“We must attack separatist Islam,” French president Emmanuel Macron said on Friday in a long-awaited speech on France’s relations with its Muslim mino(...)

The 16-year-old, Mila, who made remarks about Islam. Photograph: Quotidien

Until January 18th, Mila was an ordinary, 16-year-old French lycée student, with 9,000 followers on her Instagram account. That Saturday, the blonde, (...)