The bar of the Sunnybank Hotel in Glasnevin, Dublin was one of nine businesses premises to receive a closure order from the HSE in October. Image: Google Street View.

An Indian restaurant in Dublin’s Temple Bar area and a hotel bar on the northside of the city were served with closure orders by the Food Safety Autho(...)

Women do take supplements – middle-class women who are actively trying to get pregnant. But up to half of all women have unplanned pregnancies. Also, women from deprived backgrounds are far less likely to be on folic acid before or during their pregnancy. Photograph: iStock

Given the acres of newsprint devoted to the issue of female reproductive health, it is astonishing so little attention is paid to a small measure that(...)

An estimated 40 cases in Ireland of spina bifida, where those affected can be confined to a wheelchair,  could be prevented each year by ensuring women take folic acid before pregnancy. File photograph: Getty Images

Poorer women and those recently arrived in Ireland have the lowest level of knowledge about the essential role of folic acid in preventing birth defec(...)

Fade Street Social was served with a closure order by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in the middle of July.  Photograph :Collins Courts

Dylan McGrath’s Fade Street Social was served with a closure order by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) in the middle of July over what the (...)

For something so essential to us, many of us humans have a complex and complicated relationship with food. From the fateful bite of the forbidden fru(...)

Fortified soya and almond milk are sources of calcium for vegan children if they drink enough of them – and calcium supplements are also an option.

There is a lot to be learned from the vegan approach to eating, says dietitian Sarah Keogh of the Early Feeding Clinic in Dublin, but “to be brutally (...)

Food supplement labelling or advertising must not make claims about preventing, treating or curing disease, or make any reference to doing so. The label must include: A warning not to exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

Regulation The Food Safety Authority of Ireland is responsible for regulating food supplements under various European Directives transposed into Iris(...)

My doctor told me I can’t have protein shakes anymore.  “No whey!”

‘My doctor told me I can’t have protein shakes anymore.” “No whey!” Lame gags aside, something that is no joke is the booming dietary supplement in(...)

Supermarket chain Tesco Ireland has recalled its beef ravioli over fears that it may contain pieces of rubber. The food safety alert was issued on Tu(...)

Dr Pamela Byrne, chief executive of the FSAI, said it was not acceptable for food businesses to potentially put consumers’ health at risk.  Photograph: iStock

Eight food businesses were closed across the State last month for breaches in food legislation. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) reporte(...)

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