The lamb carcass was slaughtered at a processing plant where a moderately elevated level of dioxin was subsequently found in a “composite sample” of 10 combined livers. Photograph: iStock

The discovery of a lamb carcass with an elevated dioxin level is being investigated by authorities. Both the Department of Agriculture and the Food S(...)

Ignore any nice pictures, flags or products on shelves nearby. The front will have marketing speak. The back has the detail

There is a secret to being a successful food shopper. The first step is to recognise that you are a very desirable creature. You arrive in the superma(...)

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland  said Ruposhi Indian Restaurant in Drumcondra, Dublin, was ordered to close on December 20th due to evidence of a cockroach infestation and a lack of food hygiene

Cockroaches and dirty conditions were among the reasons for the seven closure orders served on food businesses in December, according to the Food Safe(...)

 Carrolls said there was no basis for the injunctions sought at the High Court and denied any breaches of food safety standards.

A meat factory production manager has brought High Court proceedings claiming he was unfairly suspended by his employer for a period. Following his s(...)

An Indian restaurant in Creeslough, Co Donegal was served a food closure order last month after  human excrement was found in an area where staff were preparing food.

An Indian restaurant in Co Donegal was served a food closure order last month after a pond of human excrement was found in an area where staff were pr(...)

The key to good cooking is good shopping. And the key to good shopping is lists. Photograph: iStock

It is easy to say it is easy to eat well on a budget. And it can be – a tin of tomatoes, a clove of garlic and an onion, a sprinkle of salt (...)

Among the reports were glass found in a dessert, plastic rope in a takeaway meal, and a cigarette butt in a bag of chips. Photograph: iStock

A complaint about a live insect in a dessert and another about a deli worker sneezing into his hands and then making sandwiches were among more than 3(...)

Live nymph and adult cockroaches were found along with cockroach egg casings and cockroach excrement

A Spar shop on Upper Baggot Street was closed due to a “significant rodent infestation” and a restaurant in Blackrock closed because of a cockroach in(...)

  A glance at pestos available in Irish supermarkets reveals a wide range in salt levels. Photograph: Getty Images

For many, life may be too short to make pesto from scratch, especially with so many good pestos easily available. But new research shows some commerci(...)

The Exchange, which will be the first new-build office space to be completed in Dublin’s  IFSC since 2003.

Law firm Ronan Daly Jermyn (RDJ) is the latest company to agree rental terms for space at The Exchange building that is rapidly nearing completion in (...)

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