Four food closure orders have been served on premises by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), including on one restaurant in Tallaght where inspectors found “fresh rodent droppings” near the kitchen area. File photograph: iStock

Four food closure orders have been served on premises by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), including on one restaurant in Tallaght where in(...)

Some of the complaints  received by the FSAI last year included reports of live mice and rodents in food handling and storage areas. File photograph: iStock

A snail in a chicken, a caterpillar in pork chops and a moth in fresh cream were among the complaints investigated by the Food Safety Authority of Ire(...)

Patients continue to receive a full selection of hot meals in UHG with one change which is that the main hot meal is served in the evening, rather than at lunchtime. File photograph: Eric Luke

The kitchen at University Hospital Galway, which caters for hundreds of patients, has been indefinitely closed following the discovery of a dead mouse(...)

The level of CBD in more than 40 per cent of samples examined by the FSAI was found to vary significantly from the declared amount

A Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) survey of CBD (Cannabidol) products on sale in Ireland has found the “majority of products” breached food la(...)

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has issed enforcement orders against restaruants. Photograph: iStock

Congealed blood in freezers, evidence of “rodent activity”, and large accumulations of dirt and debris resulted in the temporary closure of five food (...)

St Patrick’s drops word ‘distillery’  from its label following complaint

A prominent Cork whiskey brand has dropped the word “distillery” from its label on foot of complaints that its use was deliberately misleading and dam(...)

Keeping count. The green numbers denote the calories for sandwiches on the menu at a US restaurant. Photograph: Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Over the last four weeks you may have been grappling with a new year’s resolution to get more active, eat healthier, lose weight. But when you decide(...)

In one outlet a live rodent in an exposed cavity wall in in the basement storage room next to refrigeration and freezer units was found. File photo.

A pool of what appeared to be foul smelling blood in a goods storage area, multiple sightings of rodents, and chicken and fish stored at room temperat(...)

The Restaurants Association of Ireland is concerned about the cost of showing calorie counts. Photograph: iStock

“I’ll pay whatever fine I have to, but I will never put calories on my menu. Never.” Chef Wade Murphy, who runs Restaurant 1826 in Adare, Co Limerick (...)

I’ve been very slow to make any dietary changes, largely because of the detrimental impact a contracting meat and dairy industry would have on rural Ireland.

I was reared on meat and not just in a dietary sense but economically too. My Dad is an engineer at a meat processing plant, my Mum used to work in H(...)

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