The SNP’s implied acceptance of federalism goes beyond Brexit, creating a general survival mechanism for the UK

The first obstacle to a Federal United Kingdom is the unfortunate acronym. But perhaps a name change would not be necessary – “united” serves for fede(...)

In Switzerland, the only peaceful country to adopt an all-party administration, parliament uses a “magic formula” to give  parties seats  on the seven-person Federal Council.  Introduced in 1959, this “zauberformel” has worked quite well.

Every four years or so, democracy involves a change of parliament. Five million citizens cannot negotiate a new Dáil; there would be chaos; so we have(...)

Swiss federal president Didier Burkhalter arrives  at the EU Headquarters in Brussels. Photograph: Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images

Swiss president Didier Burkhalter has said the bilateral relationship with the European Union is the best guarantor of Swiss prosperity and promised (...)