Dorchester Presidents Club: undercover footage from the charity dinner. Photograph: Financial Times

“It was a catastrophe. You shouldn’t have done it. You really should not have done it,” declared one of Britain’s better known property investors this(...)

Tesco chairman John Allan  has said white men are now an ‘endangered species’ in top business jobs as women and ethnic minorities are promoted to the senior positions.

Activists have called for shoppers to boycott Tesco after the supermarket’s chairman claimed white men were becoming an “endangered species” in UK boa(...)

Irish-born women living in Britain earn an average of £18.04 per hour, compared to £17.39 for Irish men and £13.21 for British-born women. Photograph: Getty Images

Irish women in Britain earn significantly more than either British or Irish men in the UK, new research reveals. Irish women are the only women from (...)

Ireland is 14 places above the UK (which is in 20th position), in key areas such as the economy, politics, education and health, but we fall below the Scandinavian standard bearers of Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Photograph: Getty Images

Ireland has been ranked sixth in the world for gender parity in key areas including the economy, politics, education and health. It is 14 places abo(...)

Ethical questions: Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband wearing ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirts

Q I know it’s a bit too early to be worrying about Christmas presents, but I want to give some ethically sourced fashion items for friends this tim(...)