Microbiologists can go into a lot of different areas in the industry
Across the board demand

According to the most recent study carried out by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN), the biopharmaceutical sector in Ireland, comprising(...)

Since 2013, the Smart Futures programme has  reached about 100,000 students at primary and secondary  levels. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

In classrooms around the country, primary schoolchildren are making prosthetic limbs. Others are growing bacteria and examining it under a microscope (...)

Science graduate  skills in short supply chiefly relate to niche  areas typically associated with the pharmaceutical, biopharma and food innovation industries. Photograph: Getty Images

Every year State agencies monitor the supply of skills emerging from the education system and measure it against demand for employment. Many of the r(...)

Ireland is experiencing a shortage of qualified graduates in key disciplines. Photograph: iStock

Ireland can respond to the uncertainty created by the changing international economic environment by pursuing a “skills incentivisation strategy” that(...)

We spoke to three careers experts about the most frequently asked questions they face and the most common scenarios facing their clients. Photograph: IADT Dún Laoghaire

Picking a postgraduate course can be a big ordeal. When students sit down to choose their undergraduate course, there is always the fallback of choosi(...)

Biopharma: it is  estimated the sector will create an additional 8,500 jobs over the next five years, with 5,000 of these in biologics manufacturing.  Photograph: Donal Murphy

Biopharma is booming. Capital investment in the sector has topped $8 billion over the last decade, turning Ireland Inc into a thriving biopharma clust(...)

The IFSC in Dublin. “Increasingly, employers want more than a deep disciplinary knowledge about a particular area. They are looking for graduates who can combine skills from different areas - such as digital and financial service skills - and operate effectively across disciplinary, social and cultural boundaries.” File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Even Charles Haughey can hardly have dreamed of how big financial services would become when he helped establish the International Financial Services (...)

Policymakers and professional organisations are desperate to encourage Leaving Cert students to consider a career in construction or engineering ahead of this Friday’s deadline for CAO applications.

No sector fell further or faster during the economic downturn. Today, thanks to a growing economy, the construction industry faces a much different di(...)

Peter Whittle (left): “There’s the opportunity to work abroad when I’m qualified”

When the bottom fell out of the construction industry, tradespeople such as plumbers, plasterers and builders were the first to lose their jobs. Toda(...)

There has been a jump in applications to courses linked to the economic recovery including architecture, engineering and technology, business and construction. Photograph: Getty Images

It’s one of the biggest decisions facing students as they fill out their CAO forms: should they follow their hearts and go with the courses they’re m(...)

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