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Portrait of Thomas Gray by John Giles Eccardt. National Portrait Galley London

Even during his own lifetime, which ended 250 years ago today, Thomas Gray was something of a one-hit-wonder. He published only 13 poems, 12 of which (...)

Gooseberries usually begin to appear on supermarket shelves in June. Photograph: iStock

What’s the difference between a fool and a mess? Can a mess make a fool or is it only a fool that can make a mess? First mentioned in print in 1893, t(...)

The running scenes, both in training and competition, are as well represented as anything in the history of cinema

It gently fades from the 1978 funeral service for Harold Abrahams, and the interior of a church in London, where one of his fellow Olympians of 1924 r(...)

Graham has more than 100 live projects across Ireland and Britain.

Down-headquartered Graham Construction has some £1.8 billion (€2 billion) worth of projects booked for the next year, it said after reporting a strong(...)

Susie Dent: ‘There has never been a golden age of English. Even in the era of Keats and Shakespeare, people complained about the abuse of language.’ Photograph: Stewart Williams

The Countdown lexicographer on a life-long love of languages, accidental fame and why ‘gobsHIte’ isn’t as Irish as we think In the dumbed-down w(...)

Desmond Guinness at Leixlip Castle in 2013. Photograph: Eric Lukebridge Big House Festival August Bank Holiday

Born: 8th September, 1931 Died: 20th August, 2020 It is an extraordinary tribute to the Hon Desmond Guinness, who has died aged 88, that it is merely(...)

The fake eco-investment scheme used  firms registered in the British Virgin Islands. Photograph: Getty Images

The son of a judge has been jailed for his part in a £108 million (€122m) fraud scheme of “astonishing greed” targeting the super-rich and famous peop(...)

In his February ruling, the judge described the transactions as “classic back-to-back transactions, done for public optics only,” and said there was ample evidence that they were “totally illegal and fraudulent”.

A District Court judge has said it is “scandalous” that the State is paying a private operator – which is providing no services – €4,500 a week to ho(...)

 Hughie O’Donoghue: ‘If you want to get at all close to a true version of events, you have to make room for the inconvenient bits as well.’ Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Hughie O’Donoghue is the living embodiment of one of the main themes of his work: the interwoven histories and circumstances that inform and shape id(...)

Fr Martin McNamara with the stolen paintings which were returned to Kiltullagh Church in east Galway on Wednesday. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

When east Galway priest Fr Martin McNamara opened up his church almost three years ago to discover that six oil paintings by renowned artist Evie Hon(...)

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