Minister for Justice Alan Shatter at the launch of an  Irish Human Rights Commission annual report launch.  The Government says the merger   between the Equality Authority and the commission – to form the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission – will promote rights  issues in a more “efficient, effective and coherent way”. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

The number of cases taken by State equality and human rights bodies has collapsed by up to 66 per cent, according to a report to be published today.A (...)

The Equality Tribunal was told the nature of the woman’s illness meant that she needed to be able to access a toilet quickly ‘as she suffers from embarrassing symptoms associated with her medical condition’. Photograph: Getty Images

The HSE West made an expensive mistake when it failed to accommodate, in all senses of the word, one of its own medical secretaries who had a serious (...)

According to the account of proceedings published by the tribunal, Ms A, who was 17 when she started in B&Q in Naas, was told by her human resources manager and her supervisor not to speak to her mother, who worked as a cashier in the store

From the first day in June 2008 when she started work in B&Q Ireland, Ms A, as she has been identified by the Equality Tribunal, felt victimised. (...)

The B&Q store in Naas, Co Kildare:  a now 22-year-old was awarded almost €30,000 arising out of her treatment by a supervisor at the  store. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

A woman who was given the maximum award of two years’ salary for sexual harassment by the Equality Tribunal is taking a High Court case for damages ag(...)

A teenage girl who was subjected to physical and verbal sexual harassment at work has received the maximum award of two years’ salary from the Equalit(...)

There are times when men and women must be treated differently. These days sexism seems to be in the news more often than usual. A woman got €45,000 f(...)

Mervyn Kingston (left) at the 2010 Belfast Pride Parade with his partner, Richard O’Leary.

Mervyn Kingston was a priest of the Church of Ireland who affirmed the Church as an integral part of the community life of South Armagh; and who affir(...)

A woman has been awarded €45,000 after a man who repeatedly failed his accountancy exams got a job ahead of her. Susan O’Kelly was discriminated again(...)

Julie O’Neill is an associate with McDowell Purcell Solicitors

Before the dawn of Web 2.0, Norman Cook’s top three hit encouraged us to Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out. Fast forward to 2013 and the latter is no longer a(...)

Measures set out in the proposed new Croke Park agreement could force women out of employment in the public service, the forme(...)

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