Fukunari Kimura: chief economist at the Economic Research Institute for Asean and East Asia. American tariffs on Chinese products will have negative consequences for US producers that rely on foreign inputs and in turn for consumers who buy the produce, he said.

The escalating US-China trade war and Brexit have exposed the extent and complexity of global supply chains and ultimately the dangers of acting unila(...)

Her Love Boils Bathwater, about a young woman who, after contracting cancer, brings healing to the people around her, is the critics’ choice for best film

More than a few foreign embassies support film festivals in Ireland, but the annual Japanese Film Festival is unique in spreading itself across the wh(...)

A stint teaching in Japan: Pupils and teachers at the school where Catherine Lovett taught

I moved to Japan in 2011, initially for one year, to teach English as an assistant language teacher on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (Jet) progra(...)

People in boats view cherry blossoms along Imperial Palace moats in Tokyo. Photograph: Reuters

Few things in nature are as beautiful or as welcome as the annual appearance of the cherry blossoms. They announce the onset of spring more rel(...)

Barbara Geraghty, Japanese lecturer at the University of Limerick.Picture: Don Moloney / Press 22

Monday Midway through the semester at the University of Limerick and good intentions of getting in early do not materialise. At 8.50am I(...)