For as long as people have fallen ill, there have been others only too keen to exploit them. History is littered with charismatic hucksters and misgu(...)

Our digestive system is a complex and mysterious place, home to about 100 trillion bacteria. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are few feelings worse than being bloated. Most of us know that feeling; the expanding pressure in the abdomen, being choked by your waistband. (...)

New Food Pyramid: It makes better sense than the previous one, but is still a compromise between science, the Government and the food sector.

It is long overdue, but encouraging nevertheless, that the Government has revised the older food pyramid and opted for a new one with more emphasis on(...)

Fried insects – which are very high in protein – for sale in downtown Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Think protein and what comes to mind? Meat, milk or fish? An irreplaceable part of any diet, protein takes gold in many other foods as well: foods tha(...)

Protein is critically important to allow muscles to repair and recover post-exercise. Photograph: iStockphoto

With the rise of protein-packed diets over the past decade, it’s no surprise that protein-laden sports nutrition is now similarly in vogue. But can pr(...)

The ketogenic diet can be absolutely life-changing for patients with epilepsy when it works and helps to reduce seizure activity.

The ketogenic diet is gaining in popularity – and has attracted some controversey – so we asked Eimear Forbes, senior dietitian in ketogenic diet the(...)

Eating like an athlete means that every mouthful you consume is giving your body something good. Photograph: Morgan Treacy/Inpho

Top performing athletes know that nutrition is king when it comes to gaining an edge over their competitors. However, no matter what your goal is – co(...)

Make breakfast a priority and have some oats with fruit perhaps. Photograph: Thinkstock

1 Think nourishment not punishment Does the nutrient balance of your meals feel right? Forget about very extreme approaches. The “low or no carb”, “hi(...)

The average Irish 14-year-old boy is 65 per cent heavier than he was in 1948, a conference on obesity heard. Though they are also on average 17cms (5.(...)

There is no shortage of quick-fix weight-loss approaches these days. Even at this time of year you can flick through any glossy magazine and find cele(...)

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