The department has been renting a building for the Irish embassy, where the current ambassador is Seán Hoy, in the Maitama district of Abuja in Nigeria, since 1999.

Ireland is to increase security for diplomats in the Nigerian capital Abuja with the construction of its first new embassy building overseas for more (...)

The body of Conor David Dunne (43) was retrieved from a canal on the Amwaj Island of Bahrain

Police in Bahrain are investigating the death of an Irishman who was found dead on Saturday in a canal in the small Gulf island state. The body of C(...)

Culture and conflict: the Arc du Triomphe, in Palmyra in Syria, before and after its destruction by Islamic State, in 2015. Photograph: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty

Sixty-three years after Ireland signed a Hague convention to protect cultural property during armed conflicts, new legislation will lead to its finall(...)

Figure of 50,00 has been stated by the Government and Irish-American immigration campaigners “without a shred of evidence to support it”

The original estimate of 50,000 “undocumented” Irish living in the United States, long cited by the Government, was “pure invention”, an academic spec(...)

The Government is examining potential uses for the public services card, including as a passport card.

The project to develop a public services card (PSC) has its basis in government decisions taken as far back as 2004, which aimed to modernise the deli(...)