Maria Syed: “For me the hijab is a source of pride. I’m covering up because I want to.”  Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Maria Syed was 11 years old when she started wearing the hijab. She had grown up watching all the women in her family wear the headscarf and was excit(...)

Aideen Hayden, chair  of Threshold said findings of its  tenant sentiment survey were  ‘grim’. Photograph: Alan Betson

The Department of Housing has “serious questions to answer” about whose interests it is serving, while co-living developments may be the slums of the (...)

Padraig O’Morain: Forced sex-trafficking is an evil trade

Compare and contrast. Within a fairly short drive of wherever you live you could probably find a woman to have sex with for money. She could be a woma(...)

Commissioned by HIV Ireland, the small-scale study looks at how the Part 4 of the Sexual Offences Act (2017) has impacted sex workers.

Sex workers feel less safe, more stigmatised and in greater fear of gardaí since a law criminalising the purchase of sex was enacted, a report from Ma(...)

Adeline Berry, drag artist, getting ready for a performance. She is an occasional user of online social media platform OnlyFans

Adeline Berry is a transgender woman and drag artist from Dublin who has been involved in sex work for most of her life. Like several thousand women a(...)

Young pupils prefer learning about  different religions together as a class. Photograph: iStock

A new study on religious education has found young students do not want to be separated from each other according to faith. The research conducted b(...)

The importance of work and career influences women’s personal lives and choices in a way it does not influence men’s, the study finds. Photograph: Istock

Better-educated single women find it more difficult to meet partners than less educated single women, and are less happy as a result, a landmark study(...)

Trade unionist Arthur Scargill joins Tesco workers in Artane, Dublin, in their struggle against employer pressure for downward social mobility. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

John Steinbeck’s novel The Winter of Our Discontent tells the story of Ethan Allen Hawley, a man whose father lost the family fortune and now has to w(...)

People just above the income threshold for a medical card see medical care as a luxury

Doctors of all specialities can attest to the fact that low socioeconomic status is linked to a significant reduction in life expectancy. And the medi(...)

The late Rev Prof Liam Ryan: “A peerless intellect”

The late Rev Prof Liam Ryan was remembered at a special reception in Maynooth on Friday night where a short memorial publication based on people’s rec(...)

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