The survey found that 74% of children were spending more time engaged in outdoor play than they were before schools closed. Photograph: Alexander Becher

Most primary level children are spending less than two hours a day doing school work but are spending more time playing outdoors than they did before (...)

‘It’s 00.53 am. I am exhausted. My body feels leaden, battered. But my mind, cruelly, is alert and vigilant.’ Photograph: Basak Gurbuz Derman

It’s 12.53am. I am exhausted. My body feels leaden, battered. But my mind, cruelly, is alert and vigilant. I’m scanning the horizon of my consciousnes(...)

Has your child ever cried, shouted, rolled on the floor and been utterly unco-operative in a public place? Most of us have been in this situation and wondered what on earth we were doing wrong. Photograph: iStock

Picture the scenario: you are picking your child up from the minder/pre-school/creche; you are told they have been in great form all day only to find (...)

BBC journalist Fergal Keane spoke of the devastating impact his father’s alcoholism had on him as a child, and into adulthood. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Parents who regularly drink three or more drinks a day could be “unwittingly” abusing their children, a HSE addiction specialist has warned. Marion (...)

Physiotherapy at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire

A specialist at the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) has warned cyclists: “This is not cowboy territory, red light means red light.” Dr Mark D(...)

Over 460 young people were interviewed, aged 17-25. And it was found that 60% had experienced inter-parental psychological abuse. File photograph: Getty Images

Children are more damaged by exposure to psychological abuse between parents than witnessing physical violence between them, according to groundbreaki(...)

Studies show that children of older mothers have better language skills and fewer behavioural, social and emotional problems. Photograph: iStock

The bulk of medical research on pregnancy and childbirth has emphasised the importance of an expectant mother’s physical health in terms of the likely(...)

Adolescents sometimes hide their distress or express it through irritability, defiance or withdrawal. Photograph: Martin Dimitrov/Getty Images

Adolescent suicide is devastating for family, friends and their communities. The loss of a child or sibling leaves an abyss, typically accompanied by (...)

Facilities for patients with acute psychiatric difficulties in Waterford University Hospital remain unsuitable despite a recent €1.2 million upgrade, (...)

Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly

Can you increase your intelligence? It is one of the most rancorous debates in science, with disputes raging over the meaning of intelligence, the (...)