File photograph of Paschal Donohoe, with a facsimile of his public services card. Photograph: Eric Luke

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has finally published the Data Protection Commission’s highly critical report on the depart(...)

New light has been shed on how a dispute over the lawfulness of the Public Services Card project has soured  the relationship between the Department of Social Protection and the Data Protection Commissioner

What just happened? The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has published the full report of the Data Protection Commissioner’s in(...)

National Association of General Practitioners president Dr Maitiu O’Tuathail said he had resigned as he had ‘grave concerns’ with regards to the organisation’s governance. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA

The president and the national council of the National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP) have resigned from the organisation over what they (...)

‘Zero consideration has been given to the issue of adequacy or coverage; it doesn’t benefit citizens in any real meaningful way,’ says one pensions professional. Photograph: iStock

As if pensions weren’t already complicated enough, a move at Government level to impose new EU regulations on members of all occupational schemes is s(...)

The Government has denied the Public Services Card is a national identity card

The Department of Social Protection has refused to release information regarding the Data Protection Commission’s investigation into the public servic(...)

A Crosscare report has found social welfare offices in Ireland were ‘failing to make Interpreter Services available to people who are not English speakers and in urgent need of access to social welfare supports’. File photograph: Peter Muhly

The great majority of migrants in Ireland are working, more so than that the local population, a new survey has found. Of the migrant population 73.(...)

What if it’s the State that is identifying you by the fact that you’re married? That sees you, not as an individual in your own right, but as a “wife”. What then? File photograph: Getty Images

If you’re married, how do you refer to yourself: Ms or Mrs? When you get a wedding invitation addressed to Mr & Mrs O’Neill, or Mr & Mrs John (...)

An increase in the PRSI rate of 4%  to 4.5%  would see someone earning €50,000 pay an additional €250 in PRSI a year, or someone earning €100,000 an additional €500 a year

The Government should consider increasing PRSI in the budget to boost its coffers and help pay for welfare benefits, according to the Department (...)

The Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon began  a formal investigation of the public services card project last October. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

The Data Protection Commissioner has denied claims by a senior civil servant driving the Government’s public services card (PSC) project that the comm(...)